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Steps to understand

the Quran in a better way

All Muslims learn The Holy Quran, some even memorise it. Written in Arabic, it is hard to read, let alone learn off by heart! Yet many Muslims.

Tips for teaching

the Quran to your kids

Muslim parents throughout the world, want their children to learn and follow the scriptures in The Holy Quran. Western lifestyles however…

How To Learn

The Quran Quickly

There are no age limits with learning the Holy Quran. It’s the only book that is easy to read and memorise in easy steps Learn the tajweed…

How to Improve

Guide to Muslim parenting

Children are a blessing for every Muslim by Allah Almighty. Muslim parents wish to teach their kids about the Islamic society and our…

How to Improve Online

Quran Teacher For Kids

Quran lessons for children are very popular at the moment. Internet lessons are an audio visual  alternative to face to face study….

Tajweed With

Noorani Qaida

Learning Noorani Qaida with tajweed is the very first step in learning the Holy Quran. It is a set of rules that makes you learn the…