Meet The Team

Online Quran and Urdu Tutors as well as other members of a dedicated team at Proactive Learning Academy, are tested, certified and can teach you how to recite and memorise the Holy Quran from the comfort of your own home. Our Quran tutors are available most of the day so there is bound to be a time convenient for you.

Qari Muhammad Awais

Qari Muhammad Awais is a very skilled and devoted Quran tutor of proactive learning academy who can teaches the Quran with a proper Arabic accent and Tajweed to the people of any age and ability.



Miss Fakhra is a qualified Arabic and Islamic studies teacher who teaches the Quran online in an effective and interactive way to women and childern. She also has the experience of teaching several Islamic courses in different Islamic institutes throughout Pakistan.

Hafiz Muhammad Qasim

Hafiz Muhammad Qasim has experience of more than 8 years teaching Quran. His teaching style and fabulous flow of knowledge transfer makes the learning experience for students interesting and enjoyable.


Ammar is the Director of Operations at Proactive Learning Academy, helping to support our internal team and managing students to ensure everything runs smoothly. Ammar works closely with the Proactive team to ensure all work is delivered on time.

Edward Harding

Edward is responsible for helping grow Proactive Learning Academy by finding new opportunities. He also works with us behind the scenes to keep our systems running at peak efficiency.


Christina helps with the management systems and assists parents regarding any issues. Christina strives to provide our students with the best customer service.

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